About Morning After Manners


The Morning After Manners campaign has been launched to open up conversation about emergency contraception and educate women and men about the contraceptive options available after unprotected sex has occurred or when a regular method of contraception has let them down.

The campaign will also help fine-tune skills when it comes to dating and navigate the often-awkward ‘morning after’ conversation. Why not listen to some of our favorite bloggers debate the topic of 21st century dating etiquette and morning after manners?

Already think you’re a ‘morning after’ pro? Take our Quiz to see how you score ‘the morning after’ or, if you’re after some dating advice, flick through our etiquette guide, with advice from leading sex and relationship bloggers on how to prepare for a date and deal with any tricky conversations about sex and contraception. Just want some information about the emergency contraception options available, or keen to bust some myths you’ve heard? Look no further.

Whether single, dating or in a long term relationship, this site is designed to be a useful source of sex, relationship and dating information.

Did you know?

They’ll expect a cuppa

Offering to make a cup of tea the morning after sex is considered good manners by almost two-thirds (61%) of people


Texting is expected

Half (51%) of people expect a text or a WhatsApp the morning after sex, so get typing to stay in their good books


Try not to fret

Two-thirds (67%) of us worry about pregnancy when contraception hasn’t been used. Visit the Emergency Contraception tab to find out more about your options


Listen to subtle cues

If your partner says they have an early meeting (19%) or offers to book you a taxi (17%), take this as a polite way of saying they would like you to vacate their bed



69% of people feel emergency contraception is the responsibility of both parties and almost a third (29%) say they would feel awkward discussing emergency contraception with their partner


First date mate

Almost half (47%) of men say they would go with a partner after a first date to get emergency contraception if required

ellaOne consumer research, conducted by Censuswide in June 2018 among 2,020 heterosexual 17-35 year olds who have had sex before